Dienstag, 28. April 2009

Teedose Darboven

Leider habe ich zu dieser Dose nur die Informationen, die auf der Dose selbst zu lesen sind. Ich vermute mal Ende der 20er, Anfang der 30er Jahre. Andere Vorschläge?


thedoglived hat gesagt…

I don't know what it say's but I want it!
it is stunning, where did you find it?

Patrick Wirbeleit hat gesagt…

Really - I can`t remember. I probably bought it 20 years ago on a jumble sale. But it is hard these days to find something nice here in Germany. You are really lucky to have all of these second hand book shops and charity shops around!
Anyway it say´s: TEE IMPORT(tea import) and DARBOVEN (a german company that still exists here in Hamburg - maybe I have to ask them if they know something about the designer)
I love these green lines - pretending to be a sort of old handwriting, type and numbers and ... whatever!